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    Zonal geranium red flowerpot 14 cm
    Zonal geranium red flower

Red zonal geranium flowerpot 14 cm

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The zonal geranium is an erect stem plant among the most appreciated for its constant flowering, red flower.

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The zonal geranium is the best known of its size and is a perennial herbaceous plant that can reach 2 meters in height. The leaves are opposite, velvety, palminervian and deeply lobed, at the center of which there is a darker area, from which the zonal name derives. It is a horseshoe-shaped spot, of a more or less intense brown color. The coloring of the foliage is also variable: green, silvery, golden, bronzed and multicolored. There are varieties with limited development and variable characteristics. The flowers are simple, double and semi-double; with colors ranging from white to different shades of pink, salmon and red.


During the whole cultivation, the plants must be kept in a bright and not very humid environment, they also bear very well the full sun, in particular in areas with dry and ventilated climate. To promote compact and well-formed growth, it does not shade in autumn and winter. Shading will be necessary from March onwards, on very hot days, to avoid the leaves from drying out and, consequently, staining or drying. In these days the shading must not be continuous, but restricted to the hottest hours. Shading further delays flowering.


It begins to bloom around March until about the end of October


It is advisable to start with only slightly fertilized soil and then follow the growth of the plant by increasing the fertilizations. Fertilization is stopped before flowering begins. During cultivation, balanced N: P: K fertilizers are used, from February onwards we switch to fertilizers with higher P and K. Fertilization with 10 g of complex fertilizer per decaliter of water in spring and summer can also be suitable.


It is a species that bears very well low temperatures, unlike other geraniums, so much so that it can survive even in cold temperatures. Better not to drop below 0 degrees.

Grown in 14 cm pot - red flower

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Outside: in full sun
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from 20 to 50 cm
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