Hen creeps play figure

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Hen creeps play figure

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Hen chickens have,depending on age and gender, a different color in brown, white and cream tones colored plumage. Chickens are valued for their eggs and meat and are kept free roaming on the farm as well as in large chicken farms. As a welcome addition to the diet, chickens are consumed all over the world. Chickens are omnivores and feed on insects, seeds and even mice and lizards. Hens incubate and use their eggs for three weeks, whether they are fertilized or not. They can live up to ten years old and generally stay on the ground, but can also travel short distances in flight. There is a pecking order among chickens. This means that the dominant birds can always choose their food first. Hens lay between 250,300 eggs a year. Although it looks like that at first glance, no egg is the same as another. They are different sizes and never have the same color. They can be white, light or even dark brown. Even the little speckles and stains are always a little different. Good to know Chickens are more numerous than any other poultry in the world. Scientific. Name, Gallus gallus Habitat ,Worldwide Endangerment status,Domesticated
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