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COMPO DRAKER 10.2 flies and mosquitoes 2

    Concentrated Insecticide Anti Mosquito

    Price €47.00

    Concentrated insecticide effective against most flying insects such as flies, horseflies, mosquitoes and many crawling insects.

    Vivid Kalif

      Vivid green kalif disabituante for...

      Price €10.90

      Vivid Kalif is a green disaccustomer with the function of removing reptiles from the treated area.

      Zapicol mice glue

        Zapicol with rat poisoning rat mice

        Price €2.50

        Zapicol is a glue with high adhesive power particularly suitable for mice.

        Super eco-tablet Zapi

          Zapi Zap Trap Glue against rats mice...

          Price €6.80

          Super Eco-Tablet is a ready-to-use adhesive trap against mice and rats.

          Zapi disabituante dogs and cats

            Zapi Disabituante dog cat

            Price €9.90

            Zapi Disabituante is a product with a repellent action against cats and ...

            Mouse bait station

              Mouse Bait Station

              Price €6.20

              Mouse Bait Station is a container made of rigid PVC material for poison baits.

              Zapi disabituante dogs and cats

                Zapi Disabituante Granular dog cat

                Price €11.40

                Zapi Disabituante is a ready to use product with repellent action against dogs and cats.

                Zapi mini eco tablet

                  Zapi mini eco tablet adhesive trap

                  Price €4.10

                  Ready-to-use adhesive trap in rigid (faestite) material for the capture of mice, rats and insects.

                  Broditop wheat box

                    Broditop next wheat gr150

                    Price €2.62

                    Ready to use rodenticide in single-dose sachets of 25 g, used to control rodent infestation indoors and outdoors.

                    RepelTop bag

                      Mouse repellent Zapi Repel top

                      Price €13.51

                      RepelTop is a repellent for mice in a breathable bag with a balsamic aroma, formulated with extracts ...

                      Mousetrap verdemax

                        Mousetrap verdemax

                        Price €1.99

                        Wooden mousetraps Verdemax

                        Zapi optimix box

                          Zapi - Optimix 5 gr1500

                          Price €17.79

                          The only rodenticide with a bait mixed with 5 cereals. It is an exclusive Zapi formula, designed to meet the needs of the fight against the ...

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