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Natural lotion bottle
  • New

Natural protection lotion 100 ml

Price €9.51

Spray based on vegetable oils (lemongrass, neem, geranium etc.) which have the natural property of making the skin fragrant ...

Soil insect natural barrier sack
  • New

Soil insect natural barrier 1,5kg Neem

Price €13.36

Ideal product against insects of the soil and subsoil. It creates a natural olfactory barrier unwelcome to insects

Natural ant barrier bottle
  • New

Natural ant barrier 500 gr

Price €7.87

Biological product specific for ants. It creates a natural olfactory barrier unwelcome to insects

Soft potassium soap + vegetable extract
  • New

Fito salus soft soap 50ml + vegetable...

Price €10.41

Ideal natural solution against insects from vegetable garden / orchard 

Neem oil ecodose pack
  • New

Neem oil ecodose 10x0,20ml

Price €15.49

This product, which contains vegetable oils, creates a natural barrier against insects

Neem oil bottle
  • New

Neem oil 100ml

Price €6.48

100% vegetable oil obtained by the seeds of the Neem tree, which is a natural insect repellent

Radisana pack
  • New

Radisana fertilizer 1,6kg Neem

Price €8.85

Organic fertilizer with a high repellent action against soil insects

Soft soap bottle
  • New

Soft soap 250ml Neem

Price €6.48

Organic product that provides an indirect action against sooty molds

Non-accustoming to REPTILE SNAKE LITTERS 900g
  • New

Non-accustoming to REPTILE SNAKE...

Price €10.98

Disaccustomer in granules ALFE Volè in granules for lizard, snakes and reptiles in general, pack of 900 g

Lampe Berger lamp and anti-mosquito Twist refill transparent
  • New

Lampe Berger lamp and anti-mosquito...

Price €37.00

Diffuser system for catalysis that diffuses aromas, purifies the air and removes mosquitoes



    Price €10.90
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    Raid lantern against mosquitoes, 20 square meters of outdoor protection

    SCOOT 150 g

      Scoot drives away dogs and cats 150 gr

      Price €9.67
      Scoot drives away dogs and cats 150 gr
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