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Soil insect natural barrier sack

    Soil insect natural barrier 1,5kg Neem

    Price €13.36

    Ideal product against insects of the soil and subsoil. It creates a natural olfactory barrier unwelcome to insects

    Soft potassium soap + vegetable extract

      Fito salus soft soap 50ml + vegetable...

      Price €10.41

      Ideal natural solution against insects from vegetable garden / orchard 

      Neem oil bottle

        Neem oil 100ml

        Price €6.48

        100% vegetable oil obtained by the seeds of the Neem tree, which is a natural insect repellent

        Neem oil ecodose pack

          Neem oil ecodose 10x0,20ml

          Price €15.49

          This product, which contains vegetable oils, creates a natural barrier against insects

          Radisana pack

            Radisana fertilizer 1,6kg Neem

            Price €8.85

            Organic fertilizer with a high repellent action against soil insects

            Soft soap bottle

              Soft soap 250ml Neem

              Price €6.48

              Organic product that provides an indirect action against sooty molds

              Neem oil 240 ml

                Neem oil 240ml

                Price €12.46

                100% vegetable oil obtained by the seeds of the Neem tree, which is a natural insect repellent.

                Altea natural organic fertilizer
                  Out of stock

                  Altea concime naturale biologico

                  Price €6.15
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                  altea orto peru granulare 1,5 kg

                    Compo BioLumachicida Fer

                    Price €8.02

                    Lumachicida Fer is a lumachicide bait containing a modern active substance to which the technology developed by the COMPO ...

                    Organic fertilizer composing
                      Out of stock

                      Compo concime bio

                      Price €6.97
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                      compo - concime bio da 1l
                      COMO BIO FERTILIZER LIQ. AROMATICHE 500ml .

                        Compo bio concime aromatiche

                        Price €6.45
                        compo - bio concime aromatiche da 500 ml .
                        Compo bio concime orto frutta

                          Compo bio concime orto frutta

                          Price €9.40
                          compo - bio concime orto frutta da 1l
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