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Here is our complete selection of plants: the very elegant plants from outside - such as bonsai, succulents, evergreens and orchids - join with enchanting colors and the perfumes of indoor plants - such as aromatic, herbaceous and flowering plants - to give you the opportunity to make any space in your home truly unique! If you are a DIY gardening lover, you can't miss the wide choice of fruit plants and from vegetable garden, but also of seeds and bulbs that we have designed for you. Also check out the section with the best plants of this season!

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ALOE Flowerpot 10 cm

Price €5.95

Aloe, is an evergreen succulent plant, with leaves arranged in a tuft, simple, 40-60 cm long, with acute apex, very thick and fleshy due to the abundant plant tissues present inside them.


Price €10.03

A mix of different varieties, heart-shaped leaves, robust, easy to care for and very trendy. Peperomia is one of the most popular indoor plants!


Price €12.60

A beautiful succulent plant, easy to grow, the prickly pear is immediately recognizable for its typical large and oval 'blades' that are grafted onto each other. A Mediterranean touch for ...


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Price €22.74

Drosanthenum Hispidum or Jupiter's Beard is a perennial plant native to South Africa that prefers full sun exposure.

The plant can reach lengths of a few meters with a creeping effect and flowering takes place from July to September.

Ideal in pots, for flower beds and borders.

Dolico Climbing Green Bean Seeds 1...

Price €3.53
480 seeds approx 16 linear meters Pod 40-50 cm long Rewind Dolic type climbing mangiatutto, with late ripening, 90 days after sowing. Characterized by very long pods (40-50 cm) with a slightly bitter taste. The pod has an advanced ripening thread.

Rhubarb Seeds in Bag

Price €1.77
Of the Rhubarb, the stems are used, which are rich in beneficial properties. It gives its best in desserts, but it can also be used alone roasted or to give flavor to meats such as duck and guinea fowl. The leaves are not edible: they contain poisonous substances.
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