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The Anticaduta for pots are designed and produced by the intense work of GardenStuff, an innovative StartUp in research & development of integration systems between green and digital with the aim of improving the quality of life of people and plants inside homes.

The Fall Arresters Vases are unique and patented products that arise from a strong and growing need for safety.

Anticaduta vases is a family of products that, thanks to their unique design and simple installation system, always make the vases safe on each window sill, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefit of plants and flowers in complete serenity. You will be able to take advantage of even the smallest spaces for gardening, making this experience comfortable and rewarding.

The attention we put into designing our products and the attention to detail allow us to be true innovators and leaders in our sector. We choose to follow and define all the steps from our inside, conception, study, realization, industrialization and production. Those who choose us thus receive creativity, experience and entirely Italian production.

The increasingly positive feedback from customers gives us satisfaction and a great desire to continue creating increasingly practical functional and unique objects.

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